What is the fastest car in gta 5

When it comes to the fastest car in gta 5, if you mean “ford gt”, then it is probably the hakuchou drag.

ford gt
the fastest muscle car. once very expensive and scarce because of its popularity with real rich people, it's now much cheaper and more common due to price gouging by unscrupulous dealers and rampant production flooding the market because of that-name-i-can't-recall. anyway, we at i got this covered car dealership think your money would be better spend on a car with less impressive speed but more reliable speed like our used 2010 fusion i'm not recommendin' this thing however ever®.
in other words, prepare for disappointment as

what's the fastest car in gta 5 right now?

the fastest car in gta 5 right now is the ocelot bx200. this car has zero to 60 acceleration capability of 3.8 seconds with a max speed of 197 miles per hour and a high cornering power of 2.5, so you'll have no problem escaping sticky situations!

whats the fastest car in gta 5 2021?

the fastest car in gta 5 2021 is a pagani huayra.

it's a supercar with a top speed of 286 miles per hour that goes from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. the car has been clocked going from naught to sixty faster than the best cars in the real world including the bugatti veyron but it can't handle well at low speeds and it's expensive ($1 million). it appears in games after completing live-crime events or grinding cash at heists for 14 hours.

the cars come up to be about 20 times more durable than normal vehicles so they can withstand explosions better, roll well when crashing, take less time to repair after being hit by gunfire, and

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