What is the fastest street legal car

The fastest street-legal vehicle is the koenigsegg agera one:1. it offers 1,160 horsepower and a 240 mph top speed.

what is the fastest street-legal car 2020?

there are many new cars coming out next year, but the tesla roadster 2020 is set to be the fastest street-legal car.

the 2020 tesla roadster will have a top speed of over 250mph and it's expected that its range per charge will increase up to 400 miles. this means that this upcoming model can run at full-speed until you turn off, so long as it doesn't take more than 8 hours of charging before grabbing some fuel again. for comparison, other high-end models stop after an hour or so. if you didn’t know about this vehicle yet — here’s what you need to know!

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what is the fastest car allowed on the road?

the fastest car on the road is a bugatti veyron 16.4, which holds the guinness world record for being the world's fastest production car from 2008-2017. it's capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and can reach up to 274 mph (440 km/h). this makes it one of the fastest production cars ever made, but it has been outmatched by even faster models such as koenigsegg one:1 and numerous other hypercars, so there are faster models now available.

what is the fastest street-legal car available for purchase?

there are many contenders for “fastest street-legal car available” – the questioner needs to give more information so we can help provide a fuller answer.

i am not sure how you define “fastest” but some cars include the tesla model s, porsche 918 spyder, mclaren 675lt, ferrari laferrari, rimac concept one electric battery vehicle or koenigsegg agera one. however, i am not sure of what definition quicker is more important to you. please let us know what is your particular interest in speeding up and we will be happy to help!
a large number factors contribute to how fast a vehicle operates – one of which is weight. for example, driving at

has any car hit 400 mph?

the fastest car that has ever traveled 400 mph was the bugatti veyron, but it's limited to only one version (the super sport), and it cannot be driven on public roads.

i'd like to start this answer by mentioning that there is no ‘official' speed records. there are websites like guinness world records, fia or other organizations which deem themselves as official record keeper who put numbers in certain categories. these same organisations have a list of restrictions for what they call land-based vehicles so i don't know how credible their records are for anything high-performance related. and a lot of cars do not have any restriction on their top speed since more powerful engines can achieve greater speeds than more restrictive ones without any help

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