What is the make and model of my car

Bmw x5
type of vehicle: suv
year manufactured: 2010-2011
colour scheme: black with leather interior, beige side panels and a cream accent stripe across the bottom of the car. to my recollection there are no scratches on the exterior or interior of the car, but i have been driving it for five years so there might be some i can't see. there are other identifying characteristics to this vehicle which will not be shared because personal information about cars is confidential unless purchased through an online auction house like kelly blue book or cars.com where you must provide your name and other details before searching for models (see questions below about why).
the four door luxury suv was purchased

how do i find out the make and model of my car?

easier than you think, copy and paste your registration number and go to nhtsa.gov

the easiest way to find that information is to go to the nhtsa.gov website and type in your vin as explained on their website. there's no need for anything crazy like disassembling your dashboard! as you can see below, i type “ab-2255de” into the search box and the license plate number of my car pops up: it says 2011 acura tsx special edition

what is a make and model of a vehicle?

evo and prism to start. edit this answer, or ask a question if something specific is needed.

is chevy the make or model?

oh. you want a car answer, not a computer answer.

hold on while i check the side of my car for the chevy logo … nope, doesn't seem to be any logos here at all! guess that answers my question then. my model must be some sort of foreign make, right?

oh well – i guess it would have been too much to hope that my purchase experience was going to end in favorable results anyway. what do you expect when you buy from oems like acer and dell? well, don't say i didn't warn you! all the hype in the commercials about how wonderful “this american icon” will make your life can only fool a person once or twice before they start seeing

is civic a make or model?

civic is a make of car, not a model.

civic is a honda brand which includes a number of more affordable models. some people call them civics and some people don't, but it's never an official or specific designation on anything other than the make of car.

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