What is the most expensive car

If you're looking to spend no more than $150,000 usd then the most expensive car is either lamborghini huracan or tesla roadster.

when speaking about the fastest cars in the world, there are two different sets of parameters to analyze–theoretical top speed, and actual top speed. when calculating theoretical top speeds, manufacturers use a relatively simple procedure for establishing measurements which does not factor in aerodynamic drag at all, so this type of information should always be thought of as no more than an estimate. the procedures employed do involve modeling engine output on various types of surfaces and often simplifying various other elements such as tire friction and similar aspects. actual performance data is usually calculated with some form of professional-grade

what is most expensive car in the world?

the rolls royce sweptail which costs around $12 million.

which car is no 1 in world?

there is no one answer to this question, but the following are a few of the top-selling cars in the world. this list includes automobiles from around the world, not just from north america or europe.

1) honda accord – the honda accord has been sold by honda since 1976. in 2008 it became the best-selling import in us history and led to developing countries buying more hondas imported into them than any other car company's products. recently, 15 million accord models have been sold worldwide with 10% coming from china alone which puts it on pace for selling 30 million units by 2020 making it the third most popular automobile next to volkswagen golf and toyota corolla.
2) toyota corolla – first introduced in 1966

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