What is the most fuel efficient car

Efficiency means two things essentially: the ratio of fuel used by an engine to power delivered by that engine to its driven wheels, and the amount of useful work provided by the driven wheels over a vehicle's lifetime.

another thing you can do is look at epa estimated miles per gallon during real-world driving conditions from 2000 model year through 2007 model year passenger cars for sale in america as reported on epa's fueleconomy.gov web site. you can find more info there about how they do their calculations and what all that federal mum

what is the most fuel efficient vehicle?

this answer may seem biased to this website, but i will do my best to give you a fair review of each vehicle, as well as the award winning prius.

the honda civic gets 51 mpg. it's a compact hatchback with plenty of space inside. the toyota corolla also has fantastic fuel efficiency going for it at 39 mpg. the volkswagen golf goes a little over 40mpg and does not have much space inside the car other than for passengers in back seats who are not tall people because there is no headroom in the car even if it's just one person sitting up front with their arms on top of the steering wheel.
also, chevy has been putting out truck called the silverado 1500 that gets 20

what is the #1 most fuel efficient car of 2020?

the prius is the most fuel efficient car of 2020.

*prius will get a 60 mpge in 2020, up from 51 mpge in 2019.
*chevrolet bolt has a 58 combined miles per gallon efficiency rating.
*the ford fusion energi plug-in hybrid gets 34 mpg hwy, with the electric mode topping 32 miles on a charge and 74 mpge hwy, making it one of the most energy-efficient cars on sale today.
*nissan leaf offers 114 miles of range for around $30k or so, but it's unclear how long they can keep this price point before plunging below 115 mpg to compete with other cars like the hyundai ioniq

what car gets 50 mpg?

a hybrid car of the toyota prius family is rated by the epa as getting 50 mpg, but it will cost you $26,000! another consideration is that new hybrids face a serious battery depreciation issue. the originals require an expensive replacement after ten years and 100,000 miles.
some cars get they promise. a 1981 honda insight got 65 mpg on a recent test drive through milwaukee suburbia
others don't do as well ‍—‌the 2001 honda civic crx gets 33 mpg which really isn't up to par for a car this old. there are also disadvantages to driving small cars with diesel motors as fuel efficiency starts at 33-39 mph
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