What is the only nation in the world that averages more than one car per person

The only nation in the world that average more than one car per person is australia.

australia has the most cars per person in the world, with 591 private passenger vehicles per 1000 people.
the usa also has close to one vehicle for every single citizen. america ranks at fifth place in terms of total motorcars on its roads – it currently has an average of 399 cars per 1000 people with 219 registered motorcycles for every 100,000 americans.
indeed, america does have a lot of drivers but canada grabs the second spot when it comes to high ownership rates due to substantial growth in china's automobile industry making up for losses incurred by japan's shrinking market share. on average there are 478 cars or vans available

which country has the most cars per person?

germany is the leader in cars per person. the country has a population of around 83 million people, not including those who live abroad, and over 23 million registered passenger cars in the country itself. it's estimated they have about 339 cars per 1000 capita
compared to japan which is supposed to have only 195 per 1000 capita
and usa with 254 per 1000 capita. because of their efficiency in manufacturing they produce a lot more than the usa so it would make sense that there are more cars on the road.

which country has the least cars per person?

the answer to this question is not as clear as one might imagine. one way to measure per capita vehicle ownership would be by the total number of vehicles registered in a country per population size, and this statistic shows that sweden's overall ratio (for cars and light trucks) was 78 vehicles per 1000 people at the end of 2013 and norway 82 cars and light trucks for every 1000 inhabitants.

however, these numbers don't take into account significant differences in geographical land masses or demographic profiles of different countries. there may be more cars on the larger territory of a heavily urbanized country with many megacities, but there may also be considerably more car commuters than those living in sparsely populated rural areas with large distances between

which country uses more cars?

more than 50% of the world's cars are in use in either europe or north america. in fact, on average europeans own 1.2 cars per person while people in north america own about .8 cars on average.
uruguay ranks highest with 2.1 vehicles per person and bangladesh ranks last at about .1 vehicles per person. china is the second-largest producer of automobiles behind the us and has a quarter of all global production but has less than 3% of all vehicles globally available for use by its residents, indicating that many additional vehicles must be imported from other countries if auto usage is to be increased there (to more closely mirror usage rates seen in parts of europe and north america). perhaps unsurprisingly, denmark

what person has the most cars in the world?

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