What is the purpose of automobile insurance

Automobile insurance is a type of insurance that protects drivers from financial responsibility for losses or damages they might incur because of their negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

some good examples would be to satisfy the following liabilities: injuries to other people, including passengers and pedestrians; damage to others' property (such as cars); driving-related spills; and driving off road/breaking pavement. the goal is not really driven by whether or not you will need it, but more driven by the fact that if you don't buy it and somebody hurts themselves, then you could get sued and go bankrupt trying to cover.

what is the purpose of having car insurance?

it protects you financially.

the first part of the answer is if you're on someone else's insurance, like your spouse, they can sue you for more than their policy allows. the other part is that people may hit your car and not have insurance, or say it was legitimately them even though it wasn't. car accidents are expensive enough as it is; who wants to pay double the cost on top of medical bills? having an accident without car insurance means paying out of pocket (which can be insanely expensive) and not getting reimbursed later. so if someone smacks into your new $10k mercedes with no history of accidents but then coincidentally has $10k in damages coincidently, call us right away! we

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