What is the second fastest car in the world

The second fastest production car is the koenigsegg agera rs. it was manufactured in 2018 and has an estimated 1,160 horsepower.

the top speed of the car is 258 mph (see below for other cars) | speed 0-60 max accel 1/4mile track record top mph | city 27.2 n/a 64 176 high performance 36.7 995 63 177 streetingspeed 37 1052 63 178 the volkswagen i.d concept just set a new record at pikes peak international raceway with driver romain dumas at the wheel of it which made it to pike's peak international raceway just under 8 minutes and beat the previous racing vehicle — which was mercedes dominated

what is the 2nd fastest car?

it's hard to say without speed records for all the cars, but if we're just talking about production-ground vehicles then there are many types of modifications that can be done to increase vehicle speed.

the toyota supra was once quoted as “the second fastest car” but it never had a confirmed top speed. lamborghinis are popular for racing due to their aerodynamic design which allows them attain higher speeds than other vehicles on the road despite their factory engine restrictions. however, these vehicles are designed more for track driving and cannot be driven legally on public roads unless one were also registered as an amateur race driver in canada or germany, respectively. ferrari is another popular choice due to its reputation for being fast and technologically advanced with the

what is the second fastest car in the world 2021?

it's estimated that it will be somewhere around $600,000 to $617,000 for the 2020 nytro suv.

nytro’s top speed will be 310 miles per hour, and 390 miles per hour in sport mode giving drivers an obvious fast ride with a standard engine. the car is set to release september 3rd in new york city where you can make your pre-orders.
what we know is unclear and changes often due to contracts and other factors between companies and clients, but i believe the 2020 nytro suv is going to be the second fastest car available in 2021.
i hope this was helpful!

what is the top 5 fastest car in the world?

the fastest car in the world is the koenigsegg agera rs. with a top speed of 277 mph and a time of just 17 seconds from 0-186 mph, it is king of all cars. the bugatti chiron and the laferrari fxx k are close runners up on this list both with speeds exceeding 260 mph.

fastest car in the world: koenigsegg agera rs – 277mph
2nd place fastest car in the world: bugatti chiron – 268mph
3rd place fastest car in the world:laferrari fxxk – 258mph
4th place fastest car in the world: pagani

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