What is the weight of an automobile

The amount of weight varies depending on the model, but an average midsize sedan would bear approximately 4000 lbs. considering that there are four wheels and none on each end, this equates to eight thousand pounds. so about 80000 gms or 8 metric tonnes.

what is the average weight of an automobile?

the average weight of an automobile is about 3,000 pounds. cars are everything these days, and they weigh about the same as the big metal boxes that used to carry our grandparents around. sure, cars are way more sophisticated now (not to mention safer) but they're also very large. the average mass of a new car has gone up by 50% in 25 years according with estimates from “average car weight”
estimates based on values for 2020 obtained from average car weight
cars outweighing trucks http://www.nytimes.com/1997/03/02/business/car-weight-increases-despite-hybridization-model-.html

how many oz does a car weigh?

a car weighs about 500 pounds.

what is the maximum weight of a car in kg?

the maximum weight of a car is classified according to its engine power.

the euro ncap tests classify cars into five categories, based on their occupant protection and various other factors like how much noise it generates when running, the strength of the structure, etc. *euro-ncap classifies cars into five categories with increasing levels of safety* according to this classification system there are four levels for passenger cars in europe: 0 stars is the lowest level (the 0 star category includes small microcars or microcars), 1–3 stars allows more spacious bodies with high pedestrian protection.), 4 starts is higher than average performance in these areas.) cars in this category offer great all round safety packages where occupants can benefit from side airbags

what is the average suv weight?

it's difficult to find exact numbers, but the average weight of an suv runs around 5,000 pounds. this number can usually be found on the suv manufacturer sites.

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