What is turo car rental

Turo is a car rental marketplace that provides an alternative to expensive car ownership.

car-owners list their available cars on turo for leases of up to 28 days, and renters across the us pay anything they want – by the day, week or month – for all-inclusive usage. you can live without worrying about traffic jams or parking spaces because you only pay for what you use. we learned through experience what people love most about turo, so we always offer great cars with low mileage settings near airports and major cities. it's never been easier to explore your world from behind the wheel of a reliable vehicle built just for you!
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is turo a good way to rent a car?

turo operates a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace that can help you find your next vehicle.

turo is an easy and secure way to rent your neighbor's car. a turo car makes driving more affordable, because rates are set by the owner rather than us. so if you're looking for cheap, convenient rental cars in nearly all areas of the u.s., this is one gamechanger worth checking out.

is turo good to rent from?


if you live in a large city that has public transporation such as nyc, then possibly not. public transportation offers many conveniences such as time saved and no need to find parking. they typically cost less than $4 for an all-day pass which can be used on buses, subways, and ferries; this doesn't include price for transferring (translating) whether it's two or three commands like “take bus a to subway b” or simply by switching subway lines at the same station where there is usually a break/passageway between platforms–whatever language your destination requires, these can work out fine if one is willing to study how to read connections ahead of time.

can you get scammed on turo?

the most important thing to do with turo is to be smart when making decisions. transparency is a key factor in this. a way people usually get scammed on the site is by car owners being deceitful about the use of a vehicle and their intentions for it, following any particular rules in regards to misuse, or generally what you're going to be buying. a lot of scammers will advertise their vehicles as “fully maintained” when in fact that may not be true at all. all this can happen if you don't ask enough questions before booking a reservation instead of trusting them blindly. trust your own instincts too! keep in mind there are also lots of honest, dependable car owners empowering an entire ecosystem-including app

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