What items for emergency preparedness for automobile

The following items are useful for car emergency preparedness in general, which is important especially when children are in the car.

flashlight – a light source with fresh batteries is vital during an unexpected or needed breakdown. bright led flashlights can be found at most hardware stores, grocery stores and convenience stores for about $5 to $50. instead of searching through drawers to find a flashlight when there's trouble at night, have one in each vehicle for 5¢ per day. flashlight holders can be purchased if desired so that it stays with the driver or passenger rather than left inside the glove department or trunk where it's inaccessible (especially under oil) while driving on rough roads like unpaved pathways around

what emergency items should i have in my car?

it's always wise to be prepared for an emergency. with that in mind, it's important to ask yourself what the items are that you foresee being most helpful or useful should a disaster strike.

some people might have a first-aid kit and a wrench to change tires as essentials, while others would include water bottles and tarps. the point is that everyone will have different needs based on the climate where they live, the type of car they drive, and any personal safety concerns. in other words, there's no one size fits all list of what should be kept in your car as an emergency item because every person is unique with their own set of needs for safety and survival.
in order to best prepare yourself for

what are 10 items in a emergency kit?

the first item should always be a five-day supply of water. in case boiling your water is not available as a solution, you should invest in a portable filtration even for temporary clean water needs. next, you'll want to make sure you have enough food for five days because if there's an emergency and the stores close, it's unlikely they'll reopen any time soon. other items might include a first aid kit with necessary items like bandages and antibiotic cream, along with pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen; canned foods that do not entail heating up such as soup and hydrated foods that can last long periods without refrigeration such as prepackaged noodles or dried vegetables; tools such

what should be in your in car emergency kit give 5 examples?

– warning triangle (required by law)
– cat litter (if it's summer and you're stuck in the heat for longer than an hour)
– extra clothes, such as a hat or scarf that will stay on your head even if you need to put on a seatbelt; waterproof shoes; sunglasses; gloves. if you have children, include some sort of toy and entertainment too.
– a flashlight: consider buying one with multiple settings including an sos pattern and take care to keep the battery charged. keep it in your car so you don't forget it when traveling or use your phone light app which drains its battery much faster than using a flashligh does.
– basic first aid kit

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