What kind of car is finn mcmissile

what car is finn mcmissile in real life?

i'm sorry, i don't know what car finn mcmissile is in real life.

i love pixar films, and “cars” was one of my favorites as a kid. in that film, finn mcmissile was the spy car from world grand prix with mater as his companion. one day, he decides to take a red sports car on a test drive for reasons unknown. when judging the condition it turns out to be a lemon called rusteze whose owner kidnaps him and promises to free him if he fixes rusteze's squeaky brakes after being pursued by french authorities who also came chasing after him claiming ownership of this red sports car they knew nothing about which ended up getting into an accident (

what kind of car is holley shiftwell?

holley is an aston martin.

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is finn mcmissile an aston martin db5?

aston martin db5 is not an actual car. you are confusing it with james bond's aston martin db5, which is a fictional car.

james bond's adventures have become iconic in popular culture, so any hollywood production includes references to all his movies including the iconic car “db5” which was featured in more than one of them. since james bond was played by some different actors throughout the years, so were the cars models he drove–and some of them had more than just “db5” as their name.
finn mcmissile appears in cars 2 and he does not drive an aston martin at all–instead toyota model gt86 is his partner on the road. there are other differences too that might

what kind of car is leland turbo?

“leland turbo” is slang for something that is not legal, or questionable.

this terminology derives its name from the fact that illegal drugs are often traded in exchange for cash, and this type of trade is known as a “turbo.” the word does not refer to anything personal about leland. abuse of these types of drugs can cause significant harm to mental health, memory-related faculties, immune system function, cardiovascular health—in addition to other dangers.

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