What kind of car should i buy

How do I decide what car to buy?

there are a lot of cars out there, and it's hard to know which is the best for your needs.

the cars for families project offers unbiased safety ratings, fuel efficiency evaluations, and an analysis of buying factors that will be helpful when deciding on the type of car you need. for example, consumer reports has analyzed more than 1 million cars to find their best all-around picks in each category – “small” (cars typically under $20k), “mid-sized” ($21-$40k), “large” ($41-$65k) and “exotic” ($65k+) – while autolist has analyzed more than 350 different models to rank safety by vehicle size.

the scale for assessing

What is the best vehicle to buy in 2020?

Please edit this. it's too specific to one car model, and it only has two sentences. it also needs more content on the positive aspects of that vehicle, not just the negatives

thanks for flagging this answer. you are correct that it sounds like its promoting a specific model of car rather than answering the question generally. we're taking steps to get this article edited by our quality team asap to resolve these issues! edit – the answer has been edited with more content on the pros of buying a certain vehicle! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

What cars are not worth buying?

Just looking at you's 12 year old volkswagen golf.

why not, jimmy? it's an original vw, and the design hasn't changed in a decade-plus! come on, i'm giving you a great deal on this thing! okay maybe we don't want to go it alone here (though– who knows– maybe we could), and i can give you some feedback from my pro mechanic friend about what he would do to it. what do ya say? let me know if that sounds like something you're interested in. talk soon! lovin' your car talk — lisa k galaxie

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