What oil should i put in my car

The short answer is that you should use the oil that's specified by the car's manufacturer. all cars have a different heating distribution system that requires specific blends of fuel to prevent engine deterioration. engine, gearbox and turbo oils are similarly different depending on company recommendations – consult your proprietor for recommended best practices.

the long answer is this: engine oils break down as they're exposed to heat and pressure which causes substances such as ester (a known carcinogen) to accumulate in the oil until it reaches a limit; at that point, you need an additive drain or flush service for your engine because re-filling doesn't solve the problem like it would with other fluids like coolant and brake fluid. to avoid

how do i know what oil to put in my car?

– if you drive your car regularly, you will want to change the oil monthly.
– it doesn't matter so much what type of engine oil you use as long as it meets the viscosity rating specified by your vehicle's manufacturer. commonly used types are sae 30 or 10w 20.
– you should also know that “synthetic” oils are not any better than regular oils and they're typically made out of microbial fats which can be bad for your health if ingested.

is it better to put synthetic oil in my car?

using synthetic oil is best for cars because it has to be better than conventional oil, if not, it wouldn't exist. synthetic oils are created with chemicals that help the upkeep of your car.

since synthetics are made up of lubricants which come from different sources than the petroleum-based oils used in both conventional and full synthetic formulas, they can work to reduce engine deposits through special properties like improved film strength and increased stability. with synthetic oil there's less need for additives because this type of fuel doesn't break down as fast as traditional gas does which results in smoother running engines.

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