What percentage of teenage automobile crashes happen at night

In 2014, 38% of car crashes involving 15 to 18-year olds happened at night.

so this statistic from the cdc is no joke! that means over 1 in 3 teenage car crashes happen during the dark hours. we're looking through a rearview mirror to see these numbers real backward, but if it might save a life don't you want to know?

fortunately for those that are around us, we have lights and signs that tell us not only where we can go, but also reduce our risk for getting into an accident because other people on the road now have to watch out for these extra warnings as well. too many teens think they can be invincible when they hit the open road late at night without any way of

what percentage of car accidents happen at night?

around 35% of drivers in the united states have never driven a car at night, yet statistics show that 41% of all accidents happen after sunset. this means you are twice as likely to get into an accident driving at night than during the day!

maybe this is why new drivers are required to take their test in daylight hours?

the risks for new nighttime drivers increase with inexperience, fatigue from long commutes or certain health problems such as diabetes. they also may be driving on back roads using yellow lights instead of white headlights and a mixture of ambient and instrument lighting rather than just headlights. these daytime experienced daytime drivers who need new headlights or clear lenses should consider getting them replaced before dark sets in.
another way people

what percent of teenage fatalities occur at night?

about 35% of teen fatalities happen in the evening.

the centers for disease control and prevention reports that “nighttime hours are when teenagers are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as drinking alcohol or driving after drinking, texting while driving, or using illicit drugs.” they're also out later than normal during those hours at parties and social events.

if you could just occasionally go home earlier instead of staying out later because “you'll miss all the fun”… then you might avoid about one-third of those accidents that could otherwise occur to you! many other young people can say the same thing. it's worth considering if implementation makes sense for your own wellbeing and safeties sake!

does driving at night have any effect on teenage crash rates?

nowadays, teenagers are not only abusing alcohol more often than their previous generations, they are also driving at night with greater frequency. experts have found that the two factors combine to increase the percentage of teens who have fatal car accidents during the night.
to know if this is so one would need to do a study on different groups of teenagers-either those who drive at night and those who don't. a control group that does not drive at all would be good practice as well. let's look into some data that sheds some light on this problem.
the national highway traffic safety administration has put out statistics showing that 23% of drivers under 30 were involved in fatal crashes between 9 p.m.- 5 a.

what time of day do most car crashes happen?

the time period between 2 am and 4 am account for 28% of all car crashes.

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