What rim size fits my car

We recommend a 17″ rim for your car.

many others who drive the same type of car as you, have bought the same size alternative. that means there are people here with good knowledge to help when needed! you can't go wrong getting advice from them when you need it!

the size is usually written in millimeters and you need to know how many inches per inch (ex: 20″=250mm) before converting the numbers on the tires. the number 20 will be next to both height and width measurement on either side of “23545r-19”. use that formula if it has not been input already by someone else in comments or description section. sometimes manufacturers also include in their description what they

how do i know what rims fit my car?

checking your car to find the wheel size
to find out what wheel size you have, simply check the label behind your driver's side front wheel. it'll look something like this:- “14x7j.” this tells you that you have a 14″ diameter wheel, with a 7″ width. to get into more detail, let's break down this information even further. the number following the dash (-) is the diameter of your rim in inches – in our case it would be 14″. the letters after are roman numerals, which measure how many across it is from one spoke hole to another – because there are four holes around each rim, if there were no letters after these numbers they would be symbols for

can you put any rim size on a car?

yes, but it depends on what you're looking for.

there are three general types of vehicle rims. these include slimline, ultra-slimline and standard size, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. standard size rims will provide a more aggressive look to your car while also being slightly more expensive than the other two types. ultra-slimline or “rimless” type wheels will allow the highest ground clearance possible without having spokes meeting up with any part of the fender area, which can often lead to less road noise as well as a more striking design design that stands out from others of its type. finally, slim line rims may not offer as much ground clearance or quite as striking a design

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