What size tires fit my car

To find the correct tire size for your vehicle, you need to know its year, make and model information. this information is best found in one of the following places:

1) the spare tire and jack compartment placard, which may be mounted either inside or outside of the trunk. 2) the vehicle identification number (vin). 3) a title manual available from the division of motor vehicles. 4) a manufacturer’s certificate that came with your car when new. 5) your sales receipt from when you purchased it new. 6) if all else fails, we recommend visiting your local auto parts store where a trained professional can assist in getting you on your way.”

how do i know what size tires will fit my car?

as a general rule, car tires can be simplified down to two categories – low profile and high profile. low profiles are found on sports cars, suvs and plenty of family sedans. high profiles are more common on pick-up trucks and some crossover vehicles. even among these two types, knowing the exact tire size is impossible for most people as it is specified by a number followed by an “r” or a “t”.

what's important for you to know is more likely the type of vehicle you have and a rough estimate of your original tire size if possible (e.g., 245/40r18). that way, you'll be able to find that there are two main standard measures across low profile

will a tire size fit my car?

it depends on the speed rating and the rim size.

please note that to find out what size your car needs, you will need to refer to a diagram of your specific make and model. you'll also need to sync up those specifications with the tire's “load index” as well as its “speed rating”. in order for a tire size to fit properly, it must be within load index of your designated contact area from table c from ansi b.p.m.'s tire selection and usage specification (tsus), or a maximum speed grade less than or equal too one-third that of the lowest design speed associated with rear axle installation configuration found in section 1201(e) from chapter 5 from fmv

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