What time does mister car wash close

I don't know.

conclusion: the car wash doesn't close at any specific time, so there isn't an answer to this question. if you want to know the hours of the car wash in your area, contact them directly for more information.

can you wash your car at night?


there are two main factors to consider when washing a car at night. the first is stealth. if you're going to be rubbing your hand across a wet, black surface in the dark then stealth becomes an issue. secondly, it takes much more time for water and soap suds to dry off of a car after being washed because there's already moisture on the car from humidity and other sources that you're not going to receive during daylight hours. you'll want as long as 2-3 days of dry weather before attempting this which would give the wash sufficient drying time before rain or other sources develop wet surfaces once again.
in all honesty, if those two factors aren't considered then washing any vehicle at nighttime could be done

is mister car wash bad for your car?

of course it is not.

if you have a job, this program can save a lot of time and be a real asset to your day. have more free time that you previously did before the new mister car wash program was implemented? you're probably pretty happy with that. you shouldn't have any complaints about anything because mister car wash has been really good to you so far, and they continue to offer great incentives for customers who come in frequently. it's just science; we've researched this thoroughly and we know all about these chemicals they use on cars there at mister car wash and we think it's perfectly safe! we definitely advise people not eat in places like wendy's or mcdonalds but when it comes to car wash companies

does mister car wash dry your car?

sadly not, but a lot of other people in town do!

doctor carwash truly hopes that the good people at mister car wash would come to see doctor carwash as a service provider in mountain view. doctor carwash knows how dry and grimy mr. clean cars get after they have been washed by an unscrupulous outfit who just blasts them with water from a high pressure hose or worse, wipes them down with a dirty rag, but leaves all the grime right where it was before giving you some stale air freshener to mask their horrifying slovenliness. unlike those places backed up against the freeway dodging 18 wheelers and countless bumpers, doctor chaste's only concern is getting your car clean and safe for you

how does mister car wash work?

we use a premium soap and water to wash your car and rinse it off with clean, filtered water. we use the highest quality microfiber towels to be sure that dashboard and glass are 100% dry. then we apply a coat of high-quality carnauba wax which gives the exterior of your vehicle a deep luster shine while it protects its glossy surface from contaminants such as tree sap, bugs, tar spots and road salt. finally we apply our coatings of ozonix advanced odor eliminating technology which neutralizes any pet or other odors that might be in autos–just like new!

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