What to do after car accident

As soon as you are safe, call for emergency assistance either on your phone if available or by using the roadside assistance kit in your trunk. keep the other driver's information (year make model plate number) and also take pictures of both cars involved. if possible try to do this before any contact with police who may be considered biased in some case.

during emergency care it is important not to move if at all possible unless instructed by the medical professional because moving may cause further injury. often times trauma can result in serious spinal cord damage which could result in paralysis or paraplegia (the inability to walk). on a more positive note, most motor vehicle accidents will lead to no permanent disabilities if treated correctly

what should you do immediately after a car accident?


in addition to following the instructions of the first responders, here are a few other considerations after a car accident. take a moment to mentally account for all your body parts and make sure nothing needs immediate attention. if you need assistance in an unfamiliar place, don't be afraid to ask for help from someone nearby–be it by tapping them on the shoulder if they're in arm's reach, or yelling “please! i need help!” from where you're located. after making sure that help is nearby and that there are no major injuries that require medical attention, call your insurance company's hotline/emergency number from what is most likely their umbrella provider phone number outside their office hours just in case anything has

what do you do after a minor car accident?

– call the police to report the accident;
– file an accident report with your insurance company;
– get about $1,000 in cash (either from the atm or by withdrawing it before you get to it);
– call a tow truck if necessary.

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