What to do if scammed by car dealership

what can you do if you get scammed by a car dealership?

don't panic. in many cases, a dealership will work with you to make sure they honore their contract if salesperson has been dishonest.
in the event of dishonesty from the dealer, they will often work with customers on a case-by-case basis. it's important for potential buyers to be straight forward and honest about the situation so that dealerships know what happened and won't hold it against them in getting deals on deals. that does not mean you should ignore lawyers or go to court yourself – this article outlines some steps to take if you get scammed by out of state car dealer scamming you over $1000+ spent on finding your “perfect” used vehicle. if you spend less than $

how do i get a refund from a car dealer?

if you are purchasing a vehicle, the dealer is required to post their refund policy in either the waiting area or right outside where vehicles are being displayed. their refund often states where and when they will be available to process your application for a refund. if this information is not posted, contact them before dealing with any of their paperwork.
some dealers also have up-front charges which may include service fees, dmv fees, registration/title/license fee; any funds for these amounts should be directed back towards these agencies. they must give refunds for any items that were included in the purchase price of the vehicle (protecting against buyer's remorse), including but not limited to accessories installed by an unauthorized dealer (e.g., car

can i sue dealership for lying?

it's possible, but the effectiveness of a potential lawsuit will depend on a few different factors.

if a dealer has made false statements about a car to someone who was an authorized driver/purchaser for another person during the certification process, the misrepresentation could be considered fraud and potentially covered by law against deceptive practices. doing so would require there being specific wording within the bill that prohibits such acts from being consummated or discovered subsequent to their occurrence which can then be proven with evidence. but because you don't have any written communication between yourself and this other party-neither should obtain it as it's not their responsibility-it's going to be very difficult to prove anything should it go to court. what may help your

can you sue a car dealership for overcharging?

the answer can often depend on the particular state laws and different dealership practices. many states have governing authorities that provide oversight to car dealerships and the rates, acts, etc such as www.ncdoj.gov.

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