What to do if you lost your car keys

It probably depends on what you lost the keys to.

if they are for your house, get your spare set. if they are for your car, call a locksmith or the dealership that made the vehicle you drive for assistance in finding them.

how much does it cost to replace car keys?

replacement keys are typically about the same price as the original, but they can cost anywhere from $10-300. it's best to shop around for reputable locksmiths in your area.

car keys are often fragile pieces of equipment that tend to go out of service very quickly. this is because they're used on a daily basis and also have just one function — if it malfunctions, there's no alternative solution. so should something happen to them then getting a replacement makes sense if you're not willing just leave your car unprotected all the time! replacements aren't exactly cheap though so be sure you get quotes first before starting negotiations or committing to anything.

what do u do if u lose your car keys?

if you lost your car keys, walk back to the last place you can remember having them. sometimes people mistakenly think they left their keys in the car when in actuality they actually took them out of their pocket or bag. when you make it back to the area where you think your vehicle was, take a careful look around; sometimes people leave items like cell phones on top of cars while working on them. if all else fails, contact a locksmith service for possible assistance. an average locksmith should charge no more than $190 – $260 for opening an automobile less than 10 minutes. be sure to have your registration information available for verification purposes when calling to find out if someone is open during off hours or near where you

what to do if you lose your car keys and don't have a spare?

first, take a breath. chances are it's not the end of the world! simply retrace your steps and if you can't find them start looking in places that seem likely to have been left. often keys will be found by a door, near a computer or chair at work, or under something their owner was carrying–just turn out those pockets! if all else fails, call the locksmith who cut those keys for you and they'll either look themselves or recommend someone they know will help–it'll cost less than having to buy another set of keys from the dealer.

can i get a car key made without original?

if you have the keys, yes. if you do not have the original key, it can be made with your name and address engraved on it.

please note that if you are in possession of a car key with adhesive tabs attached to each end, they will need to be removed before submitting them for replication into a new key blank. as this process involves tampering with the old/original key blanks, you may need permission from its owner before proceeding with this request. the keys would also need to come in person to our location at 805 prospect place brooklyn ny 11238
for any other inquiries please call us at (718) 622-1625 or visit www.keyreplicationusa.com

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