What to do when someone hits your car

When someone hits your car, you can file a police report. this will lead to the perpetrator's license plate being run by the police department's computer system. this can facilitate pulling up that person's driving record and insurance information. it also ensures that they are aware of what happened so they can call their carrier for appropriate coverage.

then, if it is not warranted, you may want to contact their insurance company so no insurer is left with an unfair burden of paying for damages caused by the accident less responsibility is rightfully recognized on both sides of the equation – whether or not it was “their fault” or “your fault” legally speaking – based on state law- which varies across all 50 states

what should i do if someone hit my car?

if someone blatantly ran into your car and there were witnesses, take their information and contact the police. if you know who hit you, do what it takes to get their information. if you don't know who hit you then we suggest following these steps:
1) take photos of the exterior and interior of your vehicle for documentation purposes. move objects away from the vehicle that could be damaged if not taken care of properly (i.e., mail, plants). make sure to photograph any dents on the body as well as the dent's depth below the paint depth with a measuring tape or ruler lined up with each side of surface where damage can be seen. also take note on where parking lot cameras might be nearby so

how does insurance work if someone hits your car?

if he is not your insurance company’s client, then you would have to hire a lawyer or go through small claims court. you would need to take pictures of the accident scene, gather statements from the other driver's witnesses, have your mechanic inspect both vehicles, and give your testimony in court. this can be an expensive endeavor with no guaranteed results.

on the other hand if the person who hit you was on your insurance company’s policy as a “named driver” under your vehicle liability coverage, they are responsible for their own vehicle collision damage plus any property damage to any third party involved in the accident. they must therefore carry relevant auto insurance and vehicle liability insurance co-ordinated

when someone hits your car do you call their insurance or yours?

you should call your car's insurance company.

michigan drivers need to know that when they are in an automobile accident, there are two distinct types of auto insurance coverage involved. first, the insured typically has personal injury protection (pip) covered under their own policy which covers medical expenses after a collision with up to $1 million for bodily injury per person and $50,000 for total bodily injuries per incident. second, michigan motorists have what is known as um/uim coverage that provides secondary liability protection to cover costs associated with personal injuries caused by another driver including lost salaries and pain-and-suffering damages. so if you're in an accident either due to your fault or not your fault, it is always best practice

does your insurance go up if someone hits your parked car?

your insurance company will usually only increase your insurance if they decide that you were at fault.

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