What to do when your car won t start

This is a question with a broad spectrum of answers. if the car starts, but then dies while running, check for engine trouble before you get on the road. if your alternator is bad, it will cause the battery to go dead which in turn will stall or fail to start your engine. in that case replace both–altenater and battery–and drive until it dies again. diagnose from there if something else is going wrong at each step of its failing!

again, this is a broad question without many concrete details so it's hard to give specific advice on what might have gone wrong with your car today- i can't say “check all lightbulbs” or “check if any of the buttons are

what do you do when your car won't start?

the most common element that people often overlook when it comes to a car not starting is the possibility of a dead battery. once you have determined that this is not the cause, you should check your dashboard for “service required” lights, there may be a problem with your engine or one of its parts which needs repair or replacement. you can also have an expert look at the car's computer to find out what exactly might be going wrong. if all else fails and your vehicle still doesn't start, take it to a mechanic so they can diagnose the issue in person and help you get your vehicle functioning again.

why won't my car start if it's not the battery?

are you getting no sign of life other than the flashing red battery light? if so, the main thing to check for first is corrosion or an earth connection. corrosion can happen over time and make it difficult for your vehicle to receive enough power to start; this in turn drains your battery and increases the risk of a dead car and a worse situation with each passing day where you may end up in need of roadside service. an earth connection is also often overlooked when diagnosing why their vehicle won't start; with corrosion taking its toll, we may see that not only is there no current (i.e., nothing coming out of either socket), but their needs might be further stranded because there's arguably another fault preventing dc

what does it mean when your car won't start but lights come on?

the question displays the signs of a dead battery. when this happens, try running your engine or cycling your key until it turns over. if neither of these helps, you'll need to have the car towed in order to diagnose the problem.

if your vehicle won't start but lights are on when trying to use just battery power then there's a good chance that you have a dead battery. to help get around this issue, turn off all accessories in your car and then try starting up again with keys still in ignition. if this doesn't work either check under the hood for any burnt-out bulbs or loose wiring connections before creating an appointment with our team by dialing 203-258-0330! our staff will be happy

what can cause a car not to start?

a car won't start because of a blown out starter, a lack of fuel, an engine immobilizer system that has been activated or is malfunctioning, or no power to the ignition. the best way to troubleshoot this issue is by tracking the sources from which the majority of these issues derive and checking for an obvious solution. if none are found in a short amount of time it would be wise to call in professional help.
car won't start:
1) check for a lack of fuel by giving your car gas at the gas station pump or with something else if you're unsure if your tank is empty.
2) if there's still no luck with your engine turning over after fuel was added

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