What to do with old car seats

Throwing them in the trash is not a good idea. apart from the environmental impact, it's also illegal; many municipalities have specific laws that ban dumping old cars seats into the waste stream.

after consulting with some experts on this matter, there are some alternatives for recycling car seats.
the first option is to donate them – contact your local car seat repairs company (such as http://www.infantseatsonly.com/) or nonprofit companies like http://www.stitchingseamsproject.org/ who specializes in “threads 4 texas”. you can also try to donate to local charities or schools who may need help with fundraising – just be sure they enjoy tax-exempt status so you aren

how do i dispose of a car seat?

“disposing of a car seat is difficult. you can't just take the seat apart and put it in the dumpster, because safety guidelines require that components like the belts be removed before disposal. the best way to get rid of your car seat is buy one or more bolts about 3 inches long, unscrew them from the base plate, and send them to us at boltdepot@boltdepot.com.”

assembling a carseat takes about 5-10 minutes once you've stripped everything down – but removing all of those little screw-nuts would take hours! boltdepot buys truckloads of used seats every day for 1 cent each – so do your part for our economy by contacting us

can car seats be donated?

in theory, yes, but i don't recommend that because someone could purchase the seat as a new product and then not use it as intended.

car seats are difficult to clean, which means that even if they're donated they're unlikely to be used for their intended purpose. if you donate car seats, please be sparing with what types of cars they will work. generally speaking this would mean ones without a headrest or were made before 1998.

what do you do with outdated car seats?

under no circumstances should you re-use car seats. proper use of a car seat means you can keep it in service for 10 years or more. if the seat is “outdated” to you, go buy a new one! don't create another problem for access to safe pare transportation by playing around with expired devices, especially when something as valuable as your child's life is at stake.

can old baby car seats be recycled?

if you live near a resident or municipality with curbside recycling pickup, most places will take old baby car seats and give you credit for it. some daycare centers also accept them as well.

ask your local municipality about the closest place to recycle an old child carrier seat. but before donating, there are some guidelines that might surprise you:
-the straps can't be frayed or cut
-the harnesses must work without damaging the fabric
-no loose parts such as buttons, buckles or velcro straps
…………………………………………. etc…..and many more guidelines too long to write here! so talk to your district environmental agency office if possible. you want this donation proven so

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