What to know when buying a used car

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a used car. one is what kind of maintenance and general upkeep you will need to do before it's even worth considering. if you're not able to get the maintainence done, then don't buy the vehicle because this will end up costing you more money later on which defeats the whole purpose of purchasing something less expensive in the first place. in other words, there is usually an associated cost with maintaining a vehicle even if it's old or has been sitting around for years, so make sure that's going to be something you can realistically commit too.
another thing would be your budget and how much debt load carrying potential a particular purchase would entail because although insurance rates may look somewhat

what should i know before buying a used car?

non-technical answer
you should be really cost conscious. i recommend 4wheelsworld.com for buying new cars, but they don't have much to offer in terms of used cars. craigslist is a good place to start looking, and the rule of thumb is to buy from someone with 100% positive feedback on their ads or you can call your local craigslist office and ask for information about the seller if it's an ad that grabs your attention. if you're not sure whether something needs repair before putting down any money, you can visit cargurus and fill out their survey which will show you car reports from all around north america that will give you a sense of just how problematic a given vehicle might be and what history it

what used cars not to buy?

be careful not to buy a car from any manufacturer after 2001

in order for a car to be brought onto the market and sold as new, it first must pass state/provincial and federal safety and emission tests. there was a law passed in 2009 that said if your vehicle is older than 16 years or has travelled more than 160,000km (i'm assuming that this will differ by country), then it cannot be brought onto the market as “new”. so if you see a used car dealer advertising anything newer than 2001 as “used”, you should run the other way. this means those vehicles have failed those safety testing requirements either during manufacture or afterward! i would also take care before buying anything made by toyota after jan 2008

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