What to look for when buying a car

it might be wise to take a look at other people's opinions about various model lines before purchasing one; customer reviews can help give an idea of quality within brands and which ones are the best buy in specific price ranges (a low-end one such as honda may work better than trying to get

what are the things to look for when buying a car?

there are a few things to look out for when buying a car, but the most important one is safety.

there are tons of different issues that could make bought cars unsafe, like faulty airbags or problems with stability control. obviously it's difficult to find out everything these days before purchase; there are websites like http://www.carcomplaints.com/, which allows you to check complaints about specific makes and models, pay attention to safety recalls (which you can probably avoid by purchasing from an authorized dealer), and ask questions before buying the car – it's better not to buy if the answers confirm your suspicions. sites like http://www.consumerreports.org/ can provide knowledgeable reviews on new vehicles as well as reliability

what are the 3 most important factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle?

first, different people will prioritize different features in their vehicle. a new toyota owner, for example, might rank reliability and fuel economy high on his list while a boat owner would likely rank spaciousness and storage capability high on his scale. it's important to take stock of your own taste before you go shopping so that you can be sure to balance what's most important with what you can afford. an informed shopper will save time and money by knowing themselves well enough to make the appropriate choices about price, aesthetics, features/capabilities when purchasing a car.
the three most important factors are price, aesthetics (i.e., exterior looks), features/cap

what used cars not to buy?

1.) buying a car from a used car dealership
2.) buying a car from someone you don't know
3) buying a dud

buying a used car from 1) a used car dealership or 2) someone you don't know can result in higher repair costs, loss of trade-in value, and even the possibility that the title to the vehicle may be fraudulent. not to mention any other problems that can arise when buying something as important as your primary form of transportation. 3) buying a dud means essentially buying an unreliable vehicle that won't get you where you need to go reliably. this can mean more money spent on gas if not properly serviced or worse, getting stranded by the

what are 5 things you need to know before buying a car?

1) you will need to make a list of all the features you want in your new car. it's important to include things like heated seats, navigation, back-up camera and bluetooth connectivity. make sure whichever features and extras you add increase the value and cut down on your insurance premiums.
2) do not purchase a vehicle that is more than 10% over budget. ask for help from people who have gone through the car buying process before; we're always happy to offer advice when we can, including saving money during your trip to the dealership!
3) you should understand how warranties work before making final decisions about where you'll buy your new ride. warranties vary in length, coverage and cost so it's

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