What type of car is doc hudson

I don't think i can answer that question. judging by your profile photo, you're not a car person.

what kind of car does doc hudson drive?

in cars, doc hudson drives a 1971 de tomaso mangusta.

the car was originally intended to be a 12-cylinder engine sports car, but in the 1970s gasoline crisis, production ceased with only 19 cars being manufactured.
in cars

what type of car is jackson storm?

what type of car is jackson storm? jimmy storm, also known by his alias jackson storm, is among the fastest racers in formula one. he has proven to be a formidable competitor both on and off the race track. his abilities are complemented well with his long-time partner antonia “tanya” potts.

jackson emerged onto the racing scene in 2010 after capturing pole position in several select rounds of rova's euro-american league championships races during his rookie year. it was this start that attracted sponsorships from nissan motorsports for 2012 to compete with their gt-r highline s spec vehicle along with tienna mooring as co-driver.
it was not long before he would soon become

how did hudson hornet die?

with age, come increase in chronic illness. i think he died from a massive heart attack or stroke, but it's difficult to know with certainty when all of the specific information was lost from our records. it does seem that his death happened in a hotel room in 1965.

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