What type of car should i get

Leaving aside subjective considerations, like the type of car you like the best (or the least), there are some good rules for choosing a reliable vehicle. often overlooked is miles per gallon (mpg). for every mpg up to 25% better than average, someone may save $300 on gas in an 18-month period. and this is not even counting any money saved by less expensive fuel costs at home when one drives less frequently

if you're looking for reliability, our toyota dealership offers models with lower annual insurance premiums

a honda or suzuki model have higher top speeds that be important if want to travel long distances in your new car within your state that are near busy junctions where cars can often

how do i decide what car to buy?

it is hard work to decide on what car you should buy. there are many factors such as your budget, how often will you be driving the car and your daily commute distance. keep these in mind and take an unbiased test drive before making a purchase decision.
do not let the salesman force choices on you, but rather do some research online beforehand and print out any information that might help give yourself peace of mind with future service costs and model reliability based on data gathered by organizations like j.d power or consumer reports.
you can also talk to friends who already own cars for their opinions as well as those who have borrowed certain models from auto dealerships for test drives if possible; they may pass down some valuable knowledge

what is the most reliable car type?

the most reliable car type is toyota.

a common myth, perpetuated by negative advertising campaigns, is that toyota cars are unreliable. however, in consumer reports' latest survey, toyota scored much better than other brands. automotive companies usually produce more models with higher levels of reliability to offset the poorer performing ones; thus, to rank one company as being superior or inferior to another can be difficult. one good indicator for getting a dependable car is to go with an age class for which both vehicles have lots of dependability data available–such as 2005 vehicles. then you'll have plenty of real-world information about how long these cars last and what kinds of problems they experience after so many years on the road.

what is the best type of used car to buy?

the best type of used car to buy is one that falls anywhere on this list of considerations.

factor 1 condition of the car

factor 2 pricing of the car
factor 3 fitment with your lifestyle factor 4 available budget for the purchase / monthly payments for installment loans factor 5 affordability

some people might be more interested in purchasing a vehicle that will last long and isn't prone to breaking down, while others may want something smaller or more affordable that they can use as an around-town vehicle. whatever your preference, i recommend scanning any ads you come across so you can find something suited specifically to your needs. but keep these factors in mind when comparing cars, since they'll help even out

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