What was one effect of the popularity of the automobile on the u.s. economy?


the automobile is responsible for much of the power and wealth in the u.s. economy today. the internal combustion engine, innovation in efficiency, unemployment insurance costs, specialized hardware shops, specialized mechanics and repair industries are just a few examples of this. and cars — with their size advantage over train engines – were economically affordable to buy so there was quickly an inflated number of them on roads all around the country–creating many jobs in shipping intensive businesses like trucking companies that took off because everything could be easily transported by road instead of rail or ship (such as retail food chains). and without cars don't forget all the gas stations that popped up to take care of our newfound thirst for gasoline! so it's safe to say

what was on effect of the popularity of the automobile on the us economy?

in the 1920's, more than 90% of consumers made purchases from countries outside of the us. but as americans upgraded to cars and as new home developments pushed out from the cities, those figures started to change dramatically. the dramatic drop in imports resulted in a booming us economy at a time when most other nations were still grappling with post-war desperation.

americans on their new road trips – they're used to all our cars by now! – weren't just interested in spending less on gasoline and maintenance costs during these tough economic times; going on a cross country trip was also a chance for them to spend time away from their depression-era lives. and of course cosmopolitan car owners quickly recognized drivers' need for roadside diners

how did automobiles affect life in america in the 1920s?

automobiles have made american life more efficient. america has become a country of the car, with many people attending workplaces in areas that are not within their locality. this has helped to increase americans' leisure time largely by increasing americans' effective hours spent on the job. the automobile shrunk distances that once seemed unsurpassable- allowing people, at least in theory, to live wherever they choose instead of being confined by location for employment purposes. and auto use led to innovations in every other aspect of society too- from televisions and plastics to agricultural advances like hybrid crops – making us who we are today! 🙂

how did the automobile changed america?

the automobile changed america by affecting how we traveled from place to place, what we did with our time, and how we saw the world.

in the late 1800s, an engineer named george selden patented a design for a horseless carriage powered by either steam or electricity. he offered his patent for sale around this time but didn't generate much interest until henry ford launched ford motor company in 1903. his first car was engineered specifically to be affordable and easy to operate so that more people could use it as transportation rather than as a hobby item of the very rich. in 1908 he offered buy one-get one free plan which caused 100k cars to be sold between 1909 and 1912! over those years, ford's revolutionary innovation

why was the automobile so important to postwar america?

during the 1940s, vehicle production in america reached its wartime peak to support the nation's mobilization for world war ii. at that time automobiles were seen as a means of personal transportation. cars also became popular during this period because they could reportedly produce savings for families by allowing women to work outside the home more easily, did not have fit stringent rationing, did not give off smoke pollution to blacken lungs and turn trees grey, and stimulated regional economic growth.

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