What was the first automobile called

The first automobile was called the duryea gasoline driven carriage, patented in 1893

wikipedia article about the duryea gasoline carriage.
the first electric cars were invented in 1834 by robert anderson. his inventions had little impact on auto making at that time. dubbed “electric vehicles” or “electric wagons”, they would cease to find acceptance with consumers after william morrison's failed attempt to commercialize his invention built under license from thomas edison. equally unsuccessful though well publicized, one of the earliest documented urban use was george selden's new york city run of 1888 where he joined a parade and proved it could be operated for 45 miles between charges . *some university records refer to experiments as early as

what was the first automobile?

though the first automobile is not agreed upon by scholars, many believe that steam powered automobiles were most likely earliest automobiles.

it seems, for example, with the 1769 invention of françois isaac de rivaz's hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine; but james davenport quickly followed suit with his davenport steam carriage. still more contend that russian inventor gleb kotelnikov made his own version of a car in 1871; or possibly it was nicéphore niépce (who would later invent photography) who invented his steam buggy as early as 1860/1865; even earlier again some say came an 1764 invention by france's republican dr nicolas joseph cugnot.

did a black man invent the first car?

the first car was invented by the scotsman walter gordon wilson in may 1837.

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in 1806, mr. karl benz designed and constructed a fuel-powered four wheeled vehicle. in 1888, mr. henry ford founded his company “henry ford & company” which became known as “ford motor company”. today, it is one of the world's high volume automobile manufacturers. [information that does not have to be included in answer]
there are many different types of cars including convertibles, trucks, sedans and sports cars just to name a few. all sorts of models can be found depending on your lifestyle from economy to luxury. you can buy them from dealerships or order an

what was henry ford first car?

the first car henry ford built (in 1896) was a quadricycle.

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