What was the impact of the automobile quizlet

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what was the impact of the automobile?

the automobile has had a positive impact on the culture of speed, independence, and technological innovation.
features in an answer include the introduction of safer cars, the modernization of hotels due to the interstate system, major economic impacts including decreased operating costs for many businesses which previously served primarily nocturnal customers only.
tech features both mention how it's changed everything from advertising to shipping goods.
inexpensive family cars enabled mothers who were freed from labor-intensive work at home to find jobs outside of their homes while still caring for their families.
long commutes – often far away from big cities – made car ownership necessary for many people who traded time with others or higher housing costs for more expensive but isolated suburban homes on large plots

what were the effects of the automobile quizlet?

the web app was a fun and interactive quiz that you could take to learn more about one of america's most iconic inventions.

the automobile quizlet functioned as a sleek, fun history lesson for anybody who wants to learn more about the american innovation that has shaped this country's economy and society. on average, it took users around 20 minutes to go through all 25 questions, but people could work at their own pace- testing themselves as they went. in addition to being a useful educational tool, the time spent learning from the automobile quizlet is also social media-worthy since you can share your scores with your followers on facebook or twitter (for those of you who like bragging.).

what impact did the automobile have on america quizlet?

the automobile had a massive impact on america, changing the economy and culture at a massive level.

in 1905, henry ford introduced an automotive innovation called the assembly line. this production system reduced the need for skilled workers in all areas of manufacturing – including american auto-makers who previously imported expertise from europe. in order to deal with this added cost pressure, carmakers began to offer a single model year at a time instead of multiple years without changeover so that they could hammer out design details whenever it was needed rather than every few years.

car makers typically choose their chassis with lower costs in mind; many use cheaper parts sourced from overseas suppliers when possible (such as gm using steering gears manufactured by daewoo). with

what impact did the automobile have on the american economy quizlet?

the automobile has had a tremendous impact on the american economy; in fact, it is hard to fathom the size of its economic impacts.

first, automobiles gave rise to many new types of jobs. there are car manufacturers, dealers, distributors and sellers (such as car washes), engineers (cars need maintenance), gas stations (no gas stations without gasoline!), insurance companies for cars and drivers, roadside assistance workers who fix flat tires or get you out if you lock your keys in the car or run out of gas — just to name a few major employment categories that depend on cars! cars also changed americans' daily routine. schools got built near our homes so students could walk or catch buses – but did it mean families drove their

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