What you need to rent a car

You'll need a valid driver's license, proof of auto liability insurance, and permission from the car rental company.
if you are under 18 years old, then your parent or guardian must be with you when all the paperwork is signed for this condition. the rental rates vary according to how often it is used in a period of time. a week's use in one month would be higher than renting only three days during the same month. different models have different mileage limits before they can't be rented again with any discount. one way to lower the price would be through using their reward points program where points translate into dollars off of future rentals were if ever close enough to reaching next level tier, though penalties may apply for any

what paperwork do you need to rent a car?

you'll need to bring your driver's license when you rent a car. the lender doesn't want the liability in case you get into an accident, don't pay for damages, or cause theft of the vehicle.

the person who rents a car often needs to submit proof of insurance coverage before they can drive off in the vehicle. if you are using your own insurance carrier, make sure to call them and provide proof that you've purchased coverage (typically your card or certificate). and do not forget to include this information when renting with other companies; always check their policy information before signing contracts for all rental cars. as soon as someone selects “i agree” on that contract, it will be too late if any errors are found

what do they ask for when you rent a car?

when you rent a car, these questions can depend on the company and location. however, most rental agencies ask for your driver's license, credit card information (to establish a renter account), and sometimes they will ask for an international driving permit or passport.

some destinations may require an international drivers permit in place of a driver's license because their licensing requirements are not as stringent as your home state. these permits differ from country to country and getting one before arrival is often the easiest way to avoid difficulties at check-in by giving yourself time to do research about which countries need documentation that differs from what each individual agency asks for.

can you rent a car without a credit card?


credit cards are accepted by travel agencies, car-leasing companies, and some hotel chains. not all vacation travel agents will accept credit card payments for rental cars, so you will need to confirm with the agency if credit cards are an option or not. some websites also have links on their pages where you can find out if a particular agency offers the option of paying by credit card. if your options are limited due to cash flow problems at home, you can choose to pay with a debit card instead that has access to funds from your checking account or savings account.

can i use a debit card to rent a car?

yes, though the credit card you used to make the reservation might need additional funds to be able to pay for your rental.

some debit cards work like credit cards and require that you put down a deposit (for example, if you want an economy car). if your debit card does not allow payments with a pre-reservation, we will send notification once we receive confirmation of your block hold fee. after we charge this fee and run through our account verification process (ie: checking the balance in your bank), you will receive a confirmation notice in return. you can then use this response as authorization for charging any payments with us at future times without fear of overdraft notices due to insufficient funds in your bank account.”

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