What your car says about you

This is a very broad question. it allows for many different interpretations and it would be hard to give a comprehensive answer using only words and one sentence. however, if you'll ask me for my opinion on the matter, i think that people who drive cars with aggressive rims probably need to feel like they're tough because inside they feel very vulnerable most of the time; meanwhile those driving luxury vehicles no longer rely on their car as means of transportation but rather as an extension of what they want others to see them as (mostly successful or wealthy).

you can go ahead and take this answer as my opinion since we didn't specify any sort of word count in the request.

does the car you drive reflect your personality?

a person's drivers license reflects their personality. more specifically, the letter that is listed as your primary way of identifying yourself (whether it be e for ex-patriot or f for foreigner) on your drivers license will determine if you're licensed to drive in a particular country.

if you look at the type of car people drive based on which letter they have as their primary designation on their driver's license, this will give you some insight into what kind of car and type of world these people come from:

a: american – the overwhelming majority purchase large pickups with aluminum steps and chrome bumpers that ride high off the ground because they wants people to see how much money they spent. they also often include vanity plates

what kind of car makes you attractive?

a really ridiculously expensive luxury sports car.

a recent study by jessica ridgway at the university of north texas found that people who drove high-end cars had more positive feelings about themselves. while it's not yet clear what makes these luxury cars so psychologically beneficial, one possible explanation is “the association between the status of the car and its owner.” the self-expressive benefits that come with having a pricey vehicle, at least in our culture, might provide important rewards for their drivers' egos.

what your car cleanliness says about you?

your car says a lot about you! it's common for people's cars to show an image of their personality, as well as where they find themselves in the world. there is no judgment here, just some insight from those who know their cars.
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what your car says about you volkswagen?

car makers have been known to stereotype their drivers. it would seem that vw group is no exception, so it's hard to miss the german engineering when you see someone driving a vw. here are some stereotypical descriptions of what people who drive this car might be like. they tend be headstrong and stubborn, with a strong will to win – traits that are very indicative of one residing in the homeland of volkswagen cars. likewise, they tend not to trust others easily, preferring instead their own judgment above all else- another reputation bestowed upon them by the germans living in germany!
volkswagen drivers can often be ruthless competitors without knowing they've done anything wrong – again always keeping the high ground residing in germany! one could argue

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