What\’s the value of my car

The value of your car may depend on what you wanted it for. is it more of a collectible or is the condition more important? if you needed transportation, then the value of your car depends on new versus used pricing and mileage also. older cars are often worth less than newer models; this is because depreciation rates are higher for older models due to obsolescence – people don't want them anymore, plus they have been driven so much that their mechanical parts start to wear out. it's always best to have a certified mechanic evaluate a potential purchase before writing a check as well as having an independent appraisal done if buying from someone other than an official dealer or auctioneer to be sure what you're paying is fair market price

how do i find the market value of my car?

the best way to find out how much your car is worth would be to research online, post an ad on craigslist, or bring it in for a trade at select local dealerships.

if you do decide to sell the vehicle yourself, make sure that the price tag reflects not only its miles and wear-and-tear but also its overall value. seek out similar vehicles around your area that are being sold offline and get their prices before deciding what you will ask for yours. members of

what is the best website for used car values?

a few sites that can help are kelly blue book, edmunds, or autofinder. to use any of these sites you must first register for an account. here are the links to them:



what decreases the value of a car?

the amount of wear and tear on the car. how clean it is on the inside and out. the condition of any engine components. the extent to which there are new or recent dents, smears or scratches on the exterior, interior (i.e., dash), wheels (i.e., paint). basic components like tires, battery, etc., that affect performance also might affect value, but this depends a lot more on individual scenarios than the items listed above.
if you're looking for a vehicle evaluation within a set price range with a set mileage that doesn't have any apparent issues then just use kelley blue book at kelleybluebook .com — they'll link to one or more dealers who might have your

which is better kelley blue book or nada?

kelley blue book is the original. it's also the oldest. they call themselves “the trusted resource for used car prices.” what they often do not say, though, is that nada data costs $30 to download and require you to get an annual membership of $40 or so in order to get updates. plus, kbb does next-to-nothing on trucks – quite unlike their other pricing efforts (i think there are only 10 trucks listed in all). so while i enjoy their old school ‘look,' it becomes obvious that kelley blue book doesn't distinguish itself by doing anything noticeably well at this point except for getting your information via phone or fax (since apparently no one uses email anymore) instead of other

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