When do kids stop using car seats

Children should remain in their car seats until they gain the skill and maturity to properly buckle up. when can children be transferred from a booster seat?

according to transport canada these are the conditions that warrant moving off of a booster seat:

the person is taller than four feet (122 cm) or is at least eight years old

the person weighs more than eighty pounds (35 kg) attains weight minimum standards, or reaches eighty pounds (35 kg) before four feet nine inches tall.

a doctor has told them they don't need a booster anymore.

a doctor has told them another car safety device is needed for increased protection, such as specialized restraints/cummerbunds that

does my 7 year old still need a car seat?

that depends on his height and weight.

dimensions for a child’s car seat are specified by the weight of the child, not age. if your child weighs less than 57 pounds or is less than 57 inches in height, he needs a car seat that is appropriate based on his individual weight and height. the safest way to know whether this applies to your 7-year-old is to have him weighed at an official weigh station near you or see your doctor's office where they can offer medical advice about when your son should no longer need a booster seat. once checked over, you'll be able to determine how quickly he needs one outgrown his current setup.

when should kids stop being in car seats?

this will depend on parental preference and the child's size, but the general rule of thumb is to stop using a car seat if your child can walk unassisted.

there are several reasons for this, but primarily because it leads to an increase in fatality risk. a child's head is tossed forcefully forward during an accident between 4-12 inches of movement up through their chest which can lead to acute respiratory insult or impact on internal organs when the seat belt tightens around them. when they are not in a seat, their body offers better protection when they're thrown forward by crash forces.

besides the trauma injuries that they might sustain when in a car seat crash, children fare much better in these situations

does a 5 year old need a car seat?

no. children between the ages of 5 and 8 should be transported using a booster seat belt rather than a car seat for safety reasons.

the national highway traffic safety administration advises that children up to five years old should always ride in a rear-facing car seat, and never in the front passenger seat. if you're driving, only put your child back there if he or she is at least 13 months old and 20 pounds (as long as your vehicle's manufacturer allows it). many families mistakenly believe that once babies reach the age of one year they can switch from something smaller like an infant carrier or even just wearing a five point harness, but this is risky because small bones grow faster than their muscles so absorptions by such absorptions

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