When to turn car seat around

It is recommended that the car seat be turned around for children who have reached their 2nd birthday and can sit in a rear-facing position, and who prefer to face backwards. there's no right answer about when they should be changed because it all depends on what your child prefers. if you want the most enjoyment out of your child's travels, making them happy these days can't be beat!

when can a baby sit forward facing in a car seat?

today we're going to cover what you need to know about car seats and when it's safe for parents to start their children in a forward facing position.

this question comes up every few months and i find that many parents either don't understand or just don't want to believe the science behind it. to be clear, here at r/safetyfirst, we believe in science. so now let's dive right in…

it was as far back as 1991 (30 years ago) that scientists first presented findings showing the increased chance of injury protection for rear-facing children's car seats compared with those sitting forward. since then, manufacturers have started making cars seats where toddler seats can only go forwards facing if the vehicle headrest

when should you turn the car seat around?

this is a difficult one to answer, because it depends on how long the child has had the booster seat. when should you turn the car seat around? it depends on many factors including height, weight, number of years in the booster seat, and more. if your question includes any of these factors then please provide them so we can get an idea of what kind of advice you are looking for.

when can babies face forward in 2020?


in the future, babies can face forward. in 2020, going forward is going to be a great advancement in the quality of love and care for your baby. as a result, our imaginations will shatter by 2020 because this new protocol will allow time with a “faceable” baby while they are not yet looking at you. bring on the computer games that teach basic motor skills to infants from 1 day old onwards – because everything nowadays has one.

what age and weight can you turn car seat forward?

the general rule is that you should have your child turn forward-facing when the crease of the hip reaches above the top of his or her head. in this case, it can be as little as 18 lbs and as old as 57″!

a person's skeleton only reaches adult shape between age 8 and 14–so once a person has reached those milestones, he or she will need to face forward for safety reasons. it needs to be said that the complicated issue is not simply about weight but other considerations such as leg length and whether a person can unbuckle themselves from a seat belt/buckle up across their body with difficulty.

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