When was the first automobile invented

I'm not certain of the date. most people claim that german engineer karl benz was the inventor because he developed his first “gaswagen” in 1885. yet, there are earlier models that preceded this. anyway, what's important is to know is that inventors scrambled to produce a car at scale with less expensive engines and without an extensive global infrastructure for sales, which occurred later when henry ford took over in 1903.

with automobiles rapidly becoming more common thereafter, their mode of transportation came under legislative attack around the world because lawmakers wanted to manage cities by controlling traffic circulation. to accomplish this goal, policies stipulated driving on only one side of the road at a time (in france), initiating left-hand traffic even

when was the first automobile made in america?

the first car was built in america by john dunsmere, a british inventor. it was completed on september 22nd, 1769. he called the automobile his “puffing duck”, which is ironic since at this point the only form of automobiles were boats and trains.

it's important to note that not until 1867 did vehicles come into use for gasoline engines–an invention that many attribute to nicolaus otto, who also invented an improved internal-combustion process still used today in some types of engines. of course, it wasn't until 1891 when karl benz debuted his own version capable of public transportation…
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when did henry ford invent the car?

in december of 1895, the patent office awarded a patent to henry ford for a “device to accelerate a car.”

ford's first gas-powered automobile was used as early as 1896. he had built and patented an engine in 1896, but he didn't make his first car until 1899. his first gasoline powered vehicle was the quadricycle during this same year. it featured an innovative 3-horsepower motor with two cylinders that ended up being used into many early cars from all sorts of manufacturers. in 1903, at age 40, he went on to create the classic model t automobile which became one of america's most iconic symbols through it's reign from 1908 – 1927.
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when was the first proper car invented?

the first car was invented in 1769 by the nicholas-joseph cugnot. for more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/nicholas_cugnot

the earliest automobiles were steam-powered cars, and some of the earliest examples are cited as “sophie dulac's description of a syringe-driven four wheeled carriage capable of carrying ten people on an 1844 model” and “nicolas joseph cugnot's three half-scale working models made between 1769–1771.” despite their pedals, steering wheels, and fully operable windshields these vehicles were not modern cars but manually powered automobiles that required at least two men to operate through cranking a hand pump that would

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