When was the first automobile made\

According to inventor george selden, it's said that he came up with the original design for the modern automobile in 1879.

his first successful patent was in 1895 on a four-wheel automobile, but it didn't get very far until henry ford began manufacturing more designs over 100 years later. the first fuel-powered, self-propelled car is thought to have been built by german inventors gottlieb daimler and karl benz in 1886. but while this might be one of the more popular answers out there on google or wikipedia, no one really knows which country or city made the first available vehicle – some say france while others say germany. it's plausible that many different areas had their own versions of steam

when was the first car made in america?

the packard motor company began making cars in 1899, followed by hudson automobile company which sold its first car in 1901. the first us-made car is a matter of debate as other brands may have been made earlier.

answers from different sources disagree as to the question's answer, but the consensus seems to be that detroit michigan-based companies may have manufactured cars before 1906 and so it might be up for debate whether these were truly “us” vehicles. source unclear because not enough information given.

what year was the first car made?

the first car was made in 1885, and it's considered to be the brainchild of [insert name]. [person] created this invention after watching a horse drawn carriage overturn.

before cars existed people used other technology such as horses or railroads to get from point a to point b, but these methods posed many roadblocks. even though trains were able to go faster than horses many roads at the time were not built for trains so they were still forced on taking a long back-breaking ride on a train instead of being able to take a fast 20 minute ride in a car. but then came along [insert name], who wanted something that would eliminate these troubles he saw every day with the newly created railroad system without having

when did henry ford invent the car?

henry ford did not invent the automobile, although he did come up with the assembly line and other production techniques.
automobiles were invented in 1880 by karl benz and in 1887 by gottlieb daimler and wilhelm maybach. the internal combustion engine for gasoline or diesel powered automobiles was developed around 1885 and patented in 1894, with some earlier developments leading to this invention; prior to this steam engines were used.

thus cars had been around for about 20 years before ford's model t car appeared on roads. ford is considered a pioneer of the automotive industry because he conceptualised and implemented methods for manufacturing cars that involved moving assembly lines which permitted mass production of unskilled workers—who could assemble entire automobiles

what was the first car sold?

the world's first motorcar is widely considered to be either the mercedes-benz patent motorwagen, built by karl benz in 1886, or the roper steam car.

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