When your automobile over heats is ac affected


harsh reality is that cars are basically just air-tight metal boxes, with oil based liquids inside and a cooling system to remove heat from the engine and lubricant. simply put – they're like cooking pots on a stove or top-heating ovens without any venting to release the heat we build up inside them; we feel this as rising temperatures. hence, anything spent after you turn your car's engine off (including the usual ‘blast of hot air') is because it couldn't be used as effectively as before as all those coolant oils start to melt and make the contents too warm because there's no other way for it to escape; meaning rising temps can still happen even when you aren't

can the ac cause a car to overheat?

the air conditioner will work as intended as long as there is no blockage of the airflow. if there is a blockage, such as if the cabin filter needs to be replaced, then it can cause your car to overheat during idle or sudden stop-and-go driving.

does engine temp affect ac?

your ac unit develops enough coolant to usually overcome ~3 degrees of heat.

that means the temp your car’s engine is running has no effect on how temperate you can get in your car. keeping it running for longer will help temper inside the cabin, but only if the outside temps are high enough for this to work, which is not always feasible during winter because of snow or other inclement weather that keeps people indoors. avoiding above-freezing air temperatures on a day without any snowfall should not be an issue though. be aware also, that individuals have different preferences when it comes to climate control so what works for some may not necessarily work for others.

why does my car overheat with ac?

the most common reasons cars overheat with ac is because they're using more current to facilitate the cooling process. this typically happens when the thermostat isn't functioning properly, or not being calibrated correctly.
if a car overheats often and your mechanic can't find a solution effortlessly, it's possible that the problem is an electrical one and not related to normal maintenance . it may even be a theft deterrent tactic on behalf of a dealership where they don't want you coming back for anything else once their work has been completed
in any case, if you want someone's professional opinion about your electric bill with ac usage as well as what needs fixing on your car beyond just maintaining it with oil changes and check-ups without costing

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