When your car won\’t start but all the lights come on

the most common reason for an engine not starting when all of your lights come on is because there's no power getting through to the alternator monitoring light. this usually means one of two things: either your car needs service (in which case you should call aaa), or there has been water damage (in which case you should use drying products). no matter what, try pressing firmly down on the gas pedal 10

when your car won't crank but all the lights come on?

well, the first thing you might want to do is make sure that the seat isn't in a reclined position. this holds it against or prevents an engaging of an injector to allow fuel into the engine. secondly, check all your dash lights for any sign of definite errors. have you checked your battery connections? it could be that one of the battery connection cables are loose or corroded. you could also have a problem with your starter solenoid which would cause this issue as well as anything with wiring like if there were a short created by ground wires new batteries and such can cause problems as well as crucial ignition parts like swapping those out will also solve some issues.

a more specific answer:

– check all

can a car battery be dead even if lights work?

if the lights work, it's less likely that the car battery is dead. on occasion, headlights may work even if the car battery has died.

the voltage for headlight operation should not be dependent on your engine – they're designed to get their power separately from your battery (and inverter). if your headlights are working and you suddenly notice other electrical problems like wipers or stereo seem to be not functioning well anymore; this could mean one of two things: either an alternator which produces power/supplies electricity to important parts like windshield wipers and stereo didn't backfeed enough electricity (meaning you need a new alternator), or the battery did run flat/died in which case you'll have to charge the

why wont my car start but the radio and lights work?

the reason your car will not start may be something straightforward, such as a dead battery. but there could also be a more serious issue going on under the hood that you would want to get resolved before it causes even more problems for you.

a couple quick checks can tell you what is going on and then you can decide how bad it needs to get addressed. if your engine isn't turning over when trying to crank it, then try checking that the engine isn't flooded with gas by opening up the gas tank and letting all of the gas out of an old-fashioned pump (you're not using). if this does not solve your problem, check if anyone has recently sprayed any type of coolant under or around your car

why won't my car start but i have power push to start?

there are a few possibilities. some cars (typically older ones) need to be in neutral using the actual gear shift in order for pts to work; other cars may not have power desired because of the following:
–the car's battery is very low–usually if you're pushing pts and it makes noise but doesn't click when you try to start your car, it means the battery has run out of juice. check out these articles on our blog for more info on how batteries work, where they are located in your vehicle, and what can cause them to go dead quickly.
-dead or bad connections to the fuse box under your hood—our blog article “what is the car battery bmw” goes into this

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