Where can i donate my car

I would recommend talking to your friendly neighborhood car charity. you can find a list of them here: http://www.donateapleasecar.com/charity-auto-car-donations/local-car-donationsto-helpful-links/. they will help you get the best price possible and then do the paperwork for free!

that was easy right? well, if anybody needs any more information on this topic, just post again and i'll be happy to answer it for you! 🙂 good luck with everything!

what is the best organization to donate a car to?

there are many organizations to donate a car, including the american lung association for asthma research, habitat for humanity to build houses with volunteer labor. the list goes on – which is why it's best to do some research before deciding where you want your car donation to go. here are two places that may be of interest specifically for collecting charitable donations of vehicles coming from nyc.

cars for children is focused on providing essentials such as food, shelter, health care & education for kids fighting cancer. donate your car now!
human evolution foundation facilitates studies in human genetics and genomics with an emphasis on “the critical role of evolutionary forces in shaping human diversity around the

is donating a car worth it?

if you donate a vehicle to a qualified non-profit, the organization will most likely auction off your car with proceeds going towards its charitable mission. in many cases, lottery lottery money is also matched by the nonprofit to make up 100% of the proceeds. yes, it's worth it because 100% of what you pay will be redistributed to helping out other people in need since your donation goes directly toward their organization's own charitable work.

a lot of donors can feel uplifted after donating, so if anything it makes them feel even better about themselves knowing their help is making someone else happy through buying that new gadget or fixing that leaking water pipe. that could really be part of why everyone should consider donating–their gifts are just as

is it better to junk a car or donate it?

it is better to junk a car. some charities will refuse your donation if it needs any repairs, so you may want to find one that accepts either cash or cars in poor condition. you can also schedule airport pickups of donated vehicles with car donations . the less time spent across the country means more donations preserved for people who need them!

how do i donate my car in utah?

first, you'll need to come up with your vehicle title. fill out a portion of the vehicle title transfer from from bringatrailer.com and submit it with the vehicle identification number on the tow bill or car's registration sticker–or both if they are different–to a state motor vehicle division office in person or by mail. next, come up with a decent estimate of what your car is worth, as this will affect how much tax you pay on the donation. once you've done that, find a charity meeting criteria such as 501(c)(3) status for potential beneficiaries near you and all vehicle information such as mileage and year-of-production is complete then search available vehicles online at givecars4ch

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