Where can i get my car painted

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how much does it cost to get a car fully painted?

get a quote at a paint shop near you.

it is always best to call your local paint shop first and ask what they charge for their work. but on average, new cars have base prices of about $2,500 – if you live in the united states (non-metropolitan area). the average price for most colors is between $3,000 – $5,000. and painting an old car would be much cheaper than that because the things that wear down during everyday wear and tear don't show up as much.

is repainting a car worth it?

that will depend on location, condition of car paint, skill level required to work with the car.

if there are scratches and an underlying color change, the truth is that repainting a vehicle's exterior can be worth it. on the other hand, if you have chipped red paint but no underlying color change – for example- it may not be worth it to repaint because you won't achieve any results besides temporary fixes.

you'll know if saving your money is worth it or not by looking at locations where your car will drive most often or show wear first. for instance, pavement near an airport may look rough after just a few days of driving against sun exposure and could benefit from being re-painted more

how much is a paint job at maaco?

the cost of a maaco paint job depends on what kind of coverage will be needed and what type of vehicle. typically, for less than 10 square feet and an automobile, the estimate is $150.

is painting your car illegal?

painting your car is not technically illegal. however, it's likely that painting your car will violate the law when the state in which it is being done has laws prohibiting property destruction. painting property without consent of the owner could be construed as vandalism under various circumstances depending on local law.

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