Where is lojack located on a car

Locating a car makes use of the lojack device installed in the car and the lojack receiver. the receiver has a coverage area of 10-15 miles, so it will work well in towns or suburbs but less so across wide areas such as regional parks or forests.

when someone wants to locate their vehicle, they:
– call 1-800 unlojack and be prepared to provide their vehicle license number and the last known address where the vehicle was seen; this is usually its location before being joyridden by thieves or lost due to mechanical failure after an accident.  within minutes, lojack should be able ensure whether your car is still within range of its signals.  once found by police

how can i find out if my car has lojack?

the best way to find out whether or not your car has lojack is to check the vehicle identification number (vin) and see if it contains a lojack® designation. your vin can be found on one of several places, including the driver's side of the dashboard and/or driver's doorpost.

the letter “l” in your vin designation stands for lojack®, meaning that when you buy a new car with this feature installed, it will display the letters “lxn” in its serial number- usually at the end of a 10-digit string.
on 2004 models or newer, you won't need to worry about looking for an l letter because since 2003 all cars with this

where is a lojack?

a lojack is a transponder system for tracing and recovering cars.

this informaiton was taken from the following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/lojack
history: 1968 – robert j. barr developed an electronic device called “electronic tracking system” (also known as elts) to track and recover bank trucks in pittsburgh, pennsylvania 1967 – barr founded protection one to manufacture and sell his device 1972 – adapted by general motors for use on new second generation cadillac eldorado sedans 1974 – gettelfinger patented a second generation design that became the basis of today's lojack 2000 electromagnetic keyless immobilizer technology 2005 – barr retired from board chairmanship but remains an advisor to

how do i get lojack on my car?

if you're trying to avoid car theft, just buy it with lojack. however, if you're already the victim of a stolen vehicle, head over to any law enforcement agency and file a police report. you can also call (800) 478-9210 to let the national crime prevention council know your story.
you'll need lojay's free detect & protect™ service through your dealer until they reach out for registration and installation at your local state patrol office or dealership.
lojay provides statistics that answer this one question: “a full 95% of vehicles equipped with lockndrive technology were recovered undamaged by law enforcement.” the fbi states that three out of five vehicles are never found

how does lojack disable a car?

lojack (officially named lojak) is a company that sells vehicles with lojack-sensing devices installed. it can be expensive to buy these vehicles outright, but consumer protection agencies tend to require the installation of these devices on vehicles they subsidize.
a few security experts have proposed installing fake lojack receiver units in cars to protect them from being tracked by thieves or other parties, since it's technically always possible for an individual with the appropriate equipment to locate a car with just this one device mounted on it.

one consideration when choosing which location ought precede “car” in this sentence is whether you should lead with “a thief” or “another party.” obviously if i try to lead with thieves first

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