Where is the bonnie and clyde car

Caught and killed by police, buried in a dallas jail yard.

where is the real bonnie and clyde car located?

the car that bonnie and clyde drove during their robbery spree was never recovered. there is a car that has been kept in the museum for over 50 years, but it is not the original.

if you know where this “real” bonnie and clyde car might be, please contact a member of our staff to claim the reward offered by the museum for this specific location information. we have been searching for many years with no luck.

how many bonnie and clyde death cars are there?

at the time, it was estimated that 14 death cars were built by ford motor company during 1933 and 1934. they are known as dillinger/barrow or “death cars” because they were fitted with large police sirens to keep up with the car used by bonnie and clyde gang.

it's possible that only 12 of these cars ever went on tour, but there is no documentation to corroborate this statement.

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