Where is the expiration date on a car seat

The expiration date of a car seat is listed on the side of the seat. sometimes it will be printed on one of the labels inside, so make sure to check both sides.

car seats expire six years after manufacturing regardless if they've been in use or not (unless stated otherwise). so it's best to keep your records for verification and discard any that are expired regardless if you bought them new or used. car seats should never be reused because they can tear easily, which could lead to injury- even death! but make sure you store your unused ones like this (prop up at base) to maximize their lifespan before tossing them out because fabric deteriorates over time due to oxygen exposure; putting it in direct contact with itself helps

how do i know when my car seat expires?

most car seats come with an expiration date stamped on the side of their harness pads. this is the best way to tell when your seat may expire – and you should promptly replace it once that date reaches. you should also take into account other factors such as frequency of use (older seats are less durable), design (for example, plastci can become brittle and potentially break during a collision), and any child safety checks.

if you have any doubts about whether or not your car seat needs to be replaced, consult a trained technician who specializes in this field. the last thing a parent wants is for their child to be hurt in a car accident because they didn't know when their car seat expired!

where do you find the expiration date on a graco car seat?

the expiration date on a graco car seat is located on the sticker found on the frame of the seat.

in stock vehicles, this sticker is usually found behind or underneath the front passenger side of a vehicle's center console. some cars have a similar location in a compartment below their glove box, beneath their driver's side driving wheel, behind or under one of its front or rear seats, or even within that same space between its seats and center console.
experts recommend thorough inspection after 7 years from your purchase date as well as upon installation before each use to decrease risk for injury during an accident — especially since they become unreliable after 10+ years from manufacture. it is important to examine all relevant following any spillage from food

how many years is the expiration of car seat?

car seats have expiration dates generally ranging from 6 to 10 years after the manufacture date stamped on the cover.

do carseats really expire?

yes, carseats expire.

carseats technically should only be used for 9 years after the date of manufacture. however, carseats can still be safe past this deadline if they were only used part time (less than 50% of the time). you can also look at the national highway traffic safety administration website to see if your seat has been recalled and you're unsure about its expiration date. if your seat expired but it has not been recalled by an administrator, then it is unsafe to use.

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