Where is the starter on a car

On the torque converter housing on the front of the engine.

on many vehicles, there are two starter points – one on each side of the car – however on most vehicles over 4-5 years old, the troubleshooting is as follows:
1) listen for a very distinctive noise that sounds like a spinning metal toy top. the sound is much different from an exhaust note or vibrating noise from power steering pump for instance. if you hear this sound after turning ignition to “n” but not cranking-on key repeatedly, then check prop nut and try cranking again. generally a loose or worn out nut or dust limiter will cause this problem and it's quite simple to tighten either component with a 13mm socket

how do i find the starter on my car?

begin by using the key to open up the drivers door. once that is done, remove the plastic cover on top of your steering column. this will be found below your dash board in most models.
locate a small metal cylinder with two thin wires coming off of it with one wire connected to each side of this cylinder. this wire wrapping should be positioned near what looks like a red button with long thin piece of rubber attached at one end and an arrow on it pointed towards the column. the starter button is pushed down either by hand or foot usually when you want to turn on or start your car again after shutting it off for some time.

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how can you start a car with a bad starter?

there are few things someone can do to start a car with a bad starter.
1) try giving the engine some gas for about 10-20 seconds and tap on the gas pedal to try to engage the flywheel. it's possible that the vibrations of this will help move pieces necessary for proper electricity flow in order to start moving, or
2) remove your key from ignition and then use their heel or weight on break pedal to apply full pressure-pretension it for 10+ seconds, then release at least air break with foot while keeping brake pedal down until they accelerate slowly again
3) if all else fails, remove negative cable from battery as you would when jump starting vehicle. though it may take as many as 15

how do you know if the starter is gone in your car?

it may be hard to start the engine or difficult to turn on headlights if your battery charge is low. if you think that the starter has gone then it's always best to get in touch with an auto repair specialist for further diagnosis.

how do i test if my starter is bad?

the best way to test if your starter is bad is by baking a loaf of bread. if the bread has nice crumb, brown crust, springs back after pressing on the surface with your fingers, and tastes good then your starter is healthy. if the bread has no crumb, sunken holes or white crusts, doesn't spring back when pressed on with fingertips and tastes awful then it's time to think about refreshing or throwing out that particular batch of starter. another solution would be just to buy a new packet of dried yeast as many sour starters can also be used as leavening such as in rye doughs such as pumpernickel loaves.

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