Where to buy automotive paint

There's a reason that automotive paint is only sold through certified specialists, and that's because it can be dangerous for those with absolutely no understanding of how to work with it. in other words, you need to know the risks before using the product. it's always best to contact a professional before trying anything on your own.

what is the best automotive paint available?

the best automotive paint available is one which is durable and has a high heat resistance.

in general, automotive paints are made from a variety of different compounds that have been mixed together in varying ratios to achieve the desired end result. factors such as chemical interactions between the primer and topcoat, curing before the next layer is applied, temperature changes during a freezing or warming cycle, humidity levels present during application and so on will also affect how long your new paint job lasts with repeat applications. with this said it's really tough to say what paint provides the best all-around finish. in fact there are several types of paints that would work just as well as any other depending upon who lays them down for you with their professional skills being far

what kind of paint do you use on automotive?

hundreds of different automotive paints exist and the paint you choose will be dependent on your budget and project goals, but some paint brands that are popular with do-it-yourselfers include rustoleum, krylon, eastern truck lines (etl), autocraft paints like keystone koatings.
car enthusiasts will often use high quality paints such as dupont automotive refinishes offer a line called fuschia pink which adheres to a car's finish more permanently than most other liquid car paint brands. if you opt for these premium products please keep in mind they cost significantly more than typical acrylics or enamels so it is important to carefully consider your needs before buying these products. the good

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