Where to find color code on car

Assuming you are asking about changes in bodywork, or paint, then it can be difficult to gauge without looking at the car in person. the only way to know for sure is if the hood and fenders were painted together with an identical color. however, most auto shops will do a test spot on the exterior of the vehicle even if you’re not purchasing any services from them right away so feel free to stop by and show us what you have so we can go over what options are available for your vehicle. john's auto body

where do you find the paint code on a car?

if you would like to find out what type of paint your car is, or even the code so that you can order it from the auto stores, there are a couple of ways to go about doing it.

one way is to check the top and rear side mouldings and door pillars for a label that gives all the information you need. you will see something like “ppg-x 123 ab” with no mention of bmw in any other place on your vehicle.

someone else might say take off all your trim and look for where screws were hidden (i do this after washing my car). remove those screws carefully (because once they're out, they aren't coming back in), brush away any time deposits underneath

can you tell what color a vehicle is by the vin?

some people say yes (the police), while others say no (everyone else). truth is, you can sometimes decipher the vehicle color by the vin. for instance, an x4kvx1234 would signify a green vehicle with 4 greens, 12 whites and 34 reds.
the vehicle identification number (vin) is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies your car for safety and consideration in buying or selling used cars. this number has six parts to it that are grouped into three sections; this includes country or region of manufacture; manufacturer identification; and serial number sequences. to determine your car's color, look at the variety of symbols in each group of numbers on your vin plate to discern what color your

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