Where to get a car loan

Credit unions offer some of the lowest rates on car loans.

if you're interested in exploring all your options before deciding on a credit union, an easy place to start is by using bankrate's ‘quiz tool'. it takes just one minute and compares the rates offered on the questions you answer against 200+ credit unions. you can find it here.

haven't found what you're looking for on bankrate? no problem! the next best thing would be to call up your local federal credit union–they may not have what you need but they'll probably know someone who does. want to contact that person right away? give them a call–they might even be able to help you with guidance (either

how can i get a bank loan for a car?

a car loan can be funded through a bank by getting approved over the phone with the help of an agent for auto loans. there is typically no down payment, and rates will change depending on credit score. professional lenders aren’t just those at banks; many dealerships offer these as well to increase their bottom line, so it might even be worth talking to them before going into a bank. ask them about their interest rates and collateral options too. the lender will give you an idea of what your monthly payments would be based on the estimated sale price of your current vehicle and other factors such as amount financed and your personal credit rating. remember that this type of loan doesn't come without risks: if you lose your job or

do banks give loans for cars?


ask your bank for a loan and note the interest rates in case they come in at a different rate than your current one. bank loans can be secured against an asset, so try attaching the car to that already worth something when you sell it again. the only risk with these types of loans is that if you don't repay them, anything you're securing against could be taken by the bank. they'll take back the car and resell it to cover their losses – but it really shouldn't be of much concern if you're paying on time each month!

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