Where to get car inspected near me

If you need a car inspected, we recommend going to a qualified mechanic near you.

if the car is in good condition with no warning lights or other indications of problems, most repairs small enough not to require special equipment can be performed by any mechanic capable of fixing automobiles. in cases where the vehicle's mechanical problems are too extensive for a non-specialist garage to handle them effectively, it may be advisable to seek assistance from an automobile specialist such as a general automotive repair shop, conventional dealership service department or partnership workshop. they will have highly skilled mechanics and state of the art machinery that may detect issues that less specialized garages would miss which could lead to long term mechanical issues down the road.
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where can i get my car inspected in austin?

the inspection station

to get your car inspected in austin, you don't need to drive anywhere. there's an easy-to-use web app called the inspection station that will help take care of everything for you! all you have to do is enter your vin number and the results come right up. annual inspections are required by law in texas, but this happens to be a much more convenient way of doing it than taking time off work or waiting around for hours the day before the inspection expires.

how much is a car inspection in austin tx?

we offer a yearly service inspection for $79.

we take care of an array of tasks so you don't have to worry. whether its maintaining the fluids, checking the tire pressure, or inspecting your car's vital engine components, we'll work to pass your car's inspection with flying colors and take care of what needs attention to keep it on the road for as long as possible.

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